2020 MerFotography Calendar

Merfotography 2020 calendar


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Ocean Conservation!

Hello, my name is Mary, a SoCal photographer and an active mermaid who loves and adores creating magical Merfolk Photography!


Helping protect our Oceans and marine life is so important to not only humankind but important in maintaining a healthy ecosystem for all living creatures. Mermaiding has allowed me a voice to spread a little love and awareness towards ocean conservation and I am hoping that my photography and my fondness for mermaids will allow us to support a better world and cleaner oceans. Each calendar sold 80% of proceeds will be donated to Oceana.org to help protect and restore the oceans. If we better ourselves we may better our planet.


 I have chosen the organization Oceana.org to donate to as Oceana is dedicated to protecting and restoring the world's oceans on a global scale.


The calendar features 12 months of amazing Merfolk photo shoots, for more details check out my instagram page for updates @MoJoPhoto59


I am deeply grateful for your support of my art and helping to help our oceans!